Melissa Archbell

Archbell, Melissa - Civil Engineer

Melissa is a Civil Engineer on the St.Germain Collins team with professional engineering experience since 2003. Her proficiencies include site design, stormwater management plan preparation, CAD drafting, permit application preparation, construction administration, and other engineering tasks. Prior to joining St.Germain Collins, Melissa worked in Philadelphia and Virginia on large pipeline projects and in Maryland doing land development design. More >>

Brian Bachmann

Bachmann, Brian - Geologist

Brian Bachmann is a Geologist on the St.Germain Collins team. Since 2001, his experience includes project management, soil and groundwater sampling, installation, operation and maintenance of soil and groundwater remediation systems, supervision of well drilling and construction operations, and underground storage tank removals. In addition to his work as field scientist, Mr. Bachmann has worked as an Engineering Technician performing various geotechnical tests in the laboratory and on site. More >>

Amanda Bisson

Bisson, Amanda – Office Administrator

Amanda Bisson is the Office Administrator on the St.Germain Collins team. Amanda specializes in office management, editing, and report production and serves as the vital first line of communication for clients and the community. Prior to joining our team in 2011, Amanda worked as an administrative and project assistant for an international environmental consulting and engineering firm.

Wyeth Bowdoin

Bowdoin, Wyeth – Envrionmental Scientist

Wyeth Bowdoin is an Environmental Scientist who helps St.Germain clients investigate and remediate environmental contamination at a variety of commercial and industrial sites. Mr. Bowdoin has a strong background as a Geologist / Project Scientist, and has degress from both the University of Southern Maine and Southern Maine Community College.

Scott Collins

Collins, Scott - Vice President & Principal

Scott Collins is a Principal, Vice President and Senior Engineer at St.Germain Collins and is responsible for the management of projects and assistance with company operations. Mr. Collins has worked as an environmental engineer and consultant in the United States and Canada since 1988. His expertise includes solid waste compliance, operations and licensing, environmental assessments and remediation, petroleum facility engineering and compliance, and Brownfields site development. More >>

Patrick Coughlin

Coughlin, Patrick – Principal & Senior Scientist

Patrick Coughlin is Principal and Senior Scientist at St.Germain Collins with environmental chemistry and public relations experience spanning back to 1989. Patrick specializes in comprehensive compliance systems and environmental site restoration for clients in the petroleum, commercial and higher education sectors, permitting and design of waste processing facilities, and biomass energy fuel and ash quality programs, in addition to directing company marketing activities. More >>

Peter Dalfonso

Dalfonso, Peter, P.E. - Senior Civil Engineer & Project Manager

Since 1974, Peter Dalfonso has been providing civil engineering and construction services to industrial, commercial, municipal, and transportation clients throughout New England. In his capacity as Senior Civil Engineer, Mr. Dalfonso directs the civil engineering, design and construction of site development projects, and provides storm water analysis and final engineering plan review for local and state permitting. More >>

Kathryn Deneroff

Deneroff, Kathryn - Regulatory Specialist

Kathryn Deneroff joined St.Germain Collins in 2014. As a Regulatory Specialist, Ms. Deneroff has been helping clients by researching environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations that affect their operations. In addition, Kathryn has been identifying and updating these client-specific compliance tasks in Sentry EHS - the compliance tracking database we developed to safeguard workers and protect the environment. More >>

M�gane Dubos

Durgin, Mégane - Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Mégane Durgin is an Environmental Health & Safety Specialist on the St.Germain Collins team specializing in industrial hygiene monitoring, occupational safety program and training development, safety and environmental management systems, job hazard analyses, and health & safety compliance. Mégane applies these skills while assisting various manufacturing, industrial, and construction and waste organizations in the Northeast. Mégane has a Master's Degree in Environmental Health & Safety Engineering. More >>

John Fox

Fox, John – Information Resources Manager

John Fox is the Information Resources Manager on the St.Germain Collins team. In this role John is responsible for designing and implementing data management systems to meet the needs of our clients and team members. Prior to joining our team in 2011, John worked as an information management consultant and has extensive experience in developing database solutions across a wide variety of businesses since 1982.

Don McFadden

McFadden, Don – Senior Project Manager

Donald McFadden is Senior Project Manager and Due Diligence Project Manager on the St.Germain Collins team. Don has specific expertise in assessing risk and liability associated with commercial and industrial real estate and in the interpretation of geologic, groundwater, and chemical data. Prior to joining St.Germain Collins, Don owned and operated Black Point Environmental, LLC. Prior to that Don was employed for more than 15 years for several successful consulting firms in Maine and Massachusetts. More >>

Peter Mohlin

Mohlin, Peter – Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Peter is an Environmental Health & Safety Specialist with experience in environmental and occupational safety & health compliance. He assists our clients with environmental management services including site inspections, chemical inventories, safety assessments, industrial hygiene evaluations, compliance reporting, and more. Prior to joining St.Germain Collins, Peter worked as an Environmental Health and Safety Manager at a manufacturing facility in Michigan. More >>

Anthony Ortiz

Ortiz, Anthony - Environmental Scientist

Anthony Ortiz joined the St.Germain Collins team in 2013 as an Environmental Scientist, supporting both our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance and Environmental Assessment and Remediation teams by conducting soil and groundwater sampling, underground storage tank removal inspections, training, EHS compliance services, and more. More >>

Erin Pike

Pike, Erin - Environmental Specialist

Erin Pike is an Environmental Specialist on the St.Germain Collins team. Since 2005, her experience includes groundwater monitoring and reporting, tank removals, soil removal supervision, installation of monitoring wells, and project management. Ms. Pike is also experienced in conducting Phase I and II environmental site assessments in accordance with ASTM standards at both commercial and rural, forested parcels. More >>

Ellen Rathbone

Rathbone, Ellen - Regulatory Specialist

Ellen Rathbone is a Regulatory Specialist on the St.Germain Collins team. In this capacity, Ms. Rathbone researches environmental, fire and safety regulations specific to client projects and develops solutions to assist clients in maintaining and strengthening their compliance programs and permitting new facilities, including compliance management systems, web-based employee training programs, regulatory reporting, emergency plans, state and local development permits, etc. More >>

Mike Rioux

Rioux, Mike - Senior Regulatory Specialist

Mike Rioux is Senior Regulatory Specialist at St.Germain Collins and is also a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager. Working in the industrial sector and as an environmental consultant since 1992, Mike has considerable experience applying environmental regulations to industrial and commercial operations. Mr. Rioux specializes in conducting cost savings and compliance efficiency assessments, developing environmental compliance programs, auditing and air, hazardous waste and wastewater permitting. More >>

Maura Ryan

Ryan, Maura - Marketing Director

Maura Ryan is Marketing Director for St.Germain Collins environmental, compliance and engineering services as well as for our Sentry EHS compliance tracking cloud-based software. Ms. Ryan has two decades of businesss to business expertise, and specializes in customer relationship management, strategic marketing, branding, proposal generation, and corporate communications.

Heather Seymour

Seymour, Heather – Business Development Manager

Heather Seymour is our Business Development Manager. Heather joined our team in 2011 in administrative support and in her current role she manages business development activities, including marketing, brand management, and public relations. Heather previously worked for a consulting engineering company in the northwestern U.S. and has a master’s degree in secondary English teaching.

Mark St.Germain

St.Germain, Mark - President & Principal Scientist

Mark St.Germain is President of St.Germain Collins, responsible for quality control, human resources and client satisfaction. Mark has extensive expertise managing multi-disciplined projects requiring environmental investigation, remediation and redevelopment. He has been designing and permitting waste management and material recovery facilities since the early 1990s and has served the petroleum industry since the late 1980s. More >>

Jessica Szafranski

Szafranski, Jessica - Senior Project Manager

Jessica Szafranski is a Geologist, Regulatory Specialist, and Senior Project Manager on the St.Germain Collins team. Since 2005, her experience includes regulatory compliance reporting, environmental compliance inspections, environmental managment and training. Ms. Szafranski is experienced with writing Intergrated Contingency Plans, Stormwater Pollution and Prevention Plans, Hazardous Waste Contingency Plans and conducting Phase I and II environmental site assessments in accordance with ASTM standards at both commercial and rural, forested parcels.More >>

Keith Taylor

Taylor, Keith - Senior Environmental Geologist

Keith Taylor is the Senior Environmental Geologist on the St.Germain Collins team, specializing in the interpretation of geologic, water quality and chemical data. Mr. Taylor has particular expertise in assessing risk, liability, and remedial options on contaminated properties. He also applies these skills to ground water supply exploration and water quality assessments. Mr. Taylor has been a consulting hydrogeologist since 1986, has an MS degree in geology, and is a Maine Certified Geologist and New Hampshire Professional Geologist. More >>